teams up with Petronas to help Malaysians laugh their way to saving fuel!

November 20th, 2013, Malaysia’s definitive car buying research site, is partnering with Petronas to launch a brand new web series titled Laughing Gas. Aimed at educating consumers about fuel efficiency and driving green, Laughing Gas premiers on Monday, 25th November and is available exclusively on (part of iCarAsia).

Hosted by the effervescent Daphne Iking, Laughing Gas features actor and TV host, Razif Hashim presenter of AFC’s Best in the World and singer Vince Chong of Akedemi Fantasia fame, as drivers demonstrating practical, fuel-saving driving tips in everyday situations and at times faced to challenge iCarAsia editors. Utilising a driver vs driver format, Laughing Gas navigates away from the typical and oft-used formats to illustrate the significance of fuel efficiency through challenges infused with huge dollops of humour.

Shot in various locations within the Klang Valley, the drivers are faced with a fuel-efficiency challenge that they need to complete, of which the losing driver will be penalised with a dare to be conducted at Petronas stations that will put more than their fuel efficiency knowledge to the test.

 From L to R: Razif Hashim, Daphne Iking & Vince Chong

From L to R: Razif Hashim, Daphne Iking & Vince Chong

“Laughing Gas demonstrates everyday driving situations in the Klang Valley, which we feel is extremely relatable to most Malaysians. Laughing Gas navigates these scenarios to demonstrate fuel efficiency tips and in some instances, debunk some well-known myths as well! We hope these webisodes provide people with the opportunity to re-examine how they can save money on fuel and focus less on the lack of subsidies and more on the results,” said Damon Rielly, CEO of iCar Asia.

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