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Welcome to iCar Asia,

The iCar Asia respects the privacy of visitors that log onto our company website iCar Asia will follow the strictest guidelines of protecting User’s privacy.

The User is requested to read this Privacy Statement to the letter so that he or she understands our collection of information, our processing of information and what we do with the information the User provides us.

This Privacy Policy forms part of the User Agreement that can be found on our company site ( at Terms of Use. By using and visiting the Site, it will assumed that User will agree to this Policy and the use of personal information by iCar Asia set forth herein or amended hereafter.

About the iCar Asia

  1. iCar Asia publishes or makes available on the iCar Asia and its website's network (; information, advertisements, product and service offers, vehicle data, valuations, Software and links and other content supplied by iCar Asia and third parties (‘Material’). iCar Asia does not warrant, represent, authorize or endorse the reliability, accuracy or completeness of any such Material published on the iCar Asia or on any website that links from the iCar Asia. (Including third party display advertisements).

  2. iCar Asia does not and cannot provide any warranty in relation to any information on the Site by third parties.

The Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the Site's treatment of personal information that it collects when User subscribes via form on the Site. This policy also describes how the company discloses any User’s personal information. This policy does not describe information collection policies on other sites, including those linked-to, from the Site, i.e. any third party sites.

It is hereby declared that if a User discloses any personal information to third parties, the policy of iCar Asia will not apply. The User will be subjected to the privacy policy of that third party and any bearings of it shall be upon the User.

When a User subscribes or uses the Site in general, it will be assumed that the User is consenting to the usage and disclosure of his or her personal information described in this policy.

Words defined in the Site's Terms and Conditions have the same meaning and implications in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Protection

iCar Asia does not sell your information for commercial or any other types of gains. We do not share your personal information including your email and name with our partners/affiliates/advertisers, except for when it is a necessary requirement in completion of iCar Asia's site process.

The Information iCarAsia Gathers

The Site collect Personal Information that it considers necessary for serving the User or fulfilling its core functionality.

The only information we gather are the users' names and emails when they subscribe through the forms on the Site.

Sweepstakes and Other Promotions

The iCar Asia will offer sweepstakes or other promotions on our websites. If a User enters a sweepstakes or promotional contest, we will ask them to provide information about themselves (such as name, phone number, address, date of birth, and email address). Among other things, we may use this information to contact the User, and we may also use this information for marketing purposes. We may share this information with any co-sponsor of the contest or sweepstakes; we will identify the co-sponsor in the contest rules. We may also share this information with shipping or fulfilment companies or other third-party service providers that help administer our promotions, such as by conducting drawings, and/or delivering prizes to winners. If the User does not want us to collect the information requested in the contest or sweepstakes registration form or to provide it to co-sponsors, it is advised that the User does not enter the contest or sweepstakes.

Online Surveys

iCar Asia conducts surveys from time to time. This helps get feedback, measure the satisfaction level of users and help us learn more about our audience and how the Users interact with our website. Third-party research firms often conduct these surveys on our behalf. We use the survey results to help us improve the services we offer to the User. We will take the information Users provide and aggregate it on an anonymous basis with data collected from other survey participants. We may use and disclose that pool of anonymous information as we see fit, without identifying any user personally.

iCar Asia also encourages Users to participate in surveys conducted by our advertisers, whose privacy practices we do not control. These invitations will usually link to an online survey form that is hosted either by the advertiser conducting the survey or by a third-party research firm working on the advertiser's behalf. When a User accesses an advertiser's survey through our website, the use and disclosure of any information the User submit will be governed by the advertiser's privacy policy (or by the privacy policy of the advertiser's research firm), which may differ from ours. If a User cannot find the applicable privacy policy via a link either from the advertiser's survey invitation or from the online survey form, they should contact the advertiser directly for more information.

Email Addresses

iCar Asia has the right to use any email addresses provided by the Users to respond to various requests Users make to learn about/or use our services or when they try to communicate with us. iCar Asia may also contact it's Users to inquire about their experience on our website, to provide them with information about our products and services available from us or from our affiliates, or to communicate to them information related to the automotive industry. From time to time, we may also send Users emails that include special promotions and other commercial offers that we think may be of interest to them. We hope that the User will find these communications informative and useful.

If a user does not wish to be a part of this. He or she can unsubscribe from any of our commercial email programs by following the simple instructions included in an email they will receive in connection with that program.


When a User uses any social sharing tools available on our website, iCarAsia and the social media site in question may collect relevant information from the User. The social network's use of that information will be subject to its own privacy policy, which may be different from this Privacy Statement.

Cookies and Other Data Collection Technologies


Cookies are a universally accepted technique to store information for easy and quicker access and browsing of a website.

The information is aggregated prior to such use and does not include any Personal Information. The Site uses cookies to serve Users more efficiently when they revisit the Site.

Most modern browsers have a default cookies feature. However, if a User wishes, he or she can set cookie settings as per their likings. But it is worth noting that some parts of the Site may not function correctly if cookies are disabled. Therefore it is recommended that the User enable cookies and keep the default browser settings.

Web Beacons

iCar Asia (and in some cases our advertisers and third-party providers) keep track of how many users are accessing particular pages within our website, we may place a small file, called a web beacon, on some of our pages.

iCar Asia reserves the right to place a web beacon in the emails we send to the User. When they open one of our emails or click on links within these emails, we track this click-through data to help us determine their interest in particular topics and measure the effectiveness of our communications with our Users generally. If a User does not wished to be reached out to in this way, he or she should not open these emails or click text or graphic links in the emails.

Information about User's Computer or Device

The web server of iCar Asia (and/or any web server operated by our service provider(s) on our behalf) automatically collects and may store limited information about User's computer configuration when they visit/or use our website, including (but not limited to):

  1. The type of browser software User has,

  2. The operating system a User is running,

  3. The resolution of User's computer monitor,

  4. User's IP address. (This is a numerical address that is used by computers connected to the Internet to identify a computer so that data (such as the web pages User want to view) can be transmitted. We also use IP address information for systems administration (including fraud detection and prevention) and troubleshooting purposes.

iCar Asia may also collect information about the website a User was visiting before he or she came to any of our websites and the website he or she visited after they left our websites.

Combined Technology Information

Cookies, beacons, information collected about User's computer or device, and other data collection technologies ("Data Technologies") may be used individually or in combination in order to provide and/or administer our services, to help us understand user-behaviour, to monitor website's performance, optimize ads and measure advertising performance.

Website Analytics

iCar Asia may collect, or have a third party collect on our behalf, data on how visitors use and navigate through the Site, such as the number of users who visit various pages within the Site, what they click on, whether they scroll up or down on particular pages, fill out forms, etc. We use this information to improve the Website and learn about users, and may disclose it to our partners and affiliates (including, among others, the members of the iCar Asia corporate family), or to third parties.


iCar Asia's has relationships with certain third-party advertisings, Advertisers, and advertising services ("Advertising Services") that collect data, target and serve some of the advertisements, promotions, or other marketing messages that are seen on our iCar Asia website and other websites and mobile applications, including websites owned and/or operated by our affiliates.

Such Advertising Services may, including through processes that we do not control, use Data Technologies from third party companies to collect data from User's activities on these websites, on other websites owned and/or operated by our affiliates, or with other websites. These technologies may be used to track User's behaviour, how our products and services are offered, conduct consumer research and possibly to serve a User relevant ads and content. These companies may also obtain information, including personally identifiable information, from services User gets from other companies, including but not limited to; other websites, mobile websites or applications, and combine the information they obtain through these Data Technologies with information obtained through our products and services. Their collection and use of this data is subject to their own privacy policies.

What if a User doesn't or Wishes to not Provide Personal Information?

Any User who wishes to withdraw his information, not provide it, or has doubts about information collection methods can contact us through our Site's feedback forms or email us at

Any User who does not wish to receive email updates from iCar Asia can click on the unsubscribe link in our emails to remove User's email address from our mailing list.

Request Not to Use Personal Information of the User

If and when a User requests that the Site does not use personal information of a User in any particular manner, iCar Asia ensures and takes all reasonable measures that the User's request is fulfilled. However, iCar Asia may still use and collect information from User if the usage of the information is critical to fulfillment of services and also doesn't conflict with the governing laws of privacy in the respective countries.

Usage of Personal Information

The personal information may be used to:

iCar Asia will not, in any circumstance, share any such Personal Information with other entities except for such entities that have been authorized to carry out specific services for the Site.

The Site shall preserve the contents of any communications sent by the User if iCar Asia is of the view that there is a legal requirement for doing so. Any communications between Users and/or between the Site and Users may be monitored for purposes of trouble-shooting or maintenance purposes.

How the Personal Information is Revealed or Used

iCar Asia Site may use personal information of a User for any purpose which iCar Asia may deem fit in its sole discretion.

Individuals and/or organizations to which we may disclose personal information include:

Depending on User’s enquiry these may include:

Except as provided herein and as required by law, a User's personal information will not be made available to third parties without his or her express consent.


When a user is visiting or using the Site, they could be directed to another site through hyperlinks or some other methods. Some of the sites upon which a User might land would be part of iCar Asia's ( and some links might lead them to sites of advertisers, merchants, sponsors, and content partners. iCar Asia has no control over such redirection.

A User must acknowledge that when he or she clicks on a hyperlink that leaves the Site, the site User are directed to, is not within our control, and User must further acknowledge that the Site shall not be responsible for those sites or any damages or losses incurred by him or her resulting thereto.

Legal Age of Users

It is hereby declared (and in all our legal documents) that any and all Users of any type must be over 18 years of age. iCar Asia will not entertain any individual below the 18 years of age. iCar Asia will not knowingly allow anyone under 18 to provide us any personally identifying information.

If a User creates account of any iCar Asia Sites, it will be assumed that he or she is warranting that he or she is above 18 years of age.

Effective date

This Privacy Policy is effective as of March 2018.

Any Changes in Policy

It is to be noted that iCar Asia may revise these terms from time to time. The most current version can be found here. It is therefore advised by iCarAsia to Users that they must periodically check the Site or this page from time to time in order to keep themselves updated with the latest version of Privacy Policy.

It will be assumed that the User is agreeing to any and all modifications in Privacy Policy if they continue to use the Site after any date the changes may take effect.

Security and Personal Information

iCar Asia does its best to store all Personal Information on servers with restricted access, and all electronic storage and transmission of Personal Information are secured with appropriate security technologies. Not to withstand the foregoing, the Site cannot guarantee that such precautions would render the Site and its servers immune to security breaches.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us. Our details are as follows.