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iCar Asia CIO Pedro Sttau on concept of organic adaptability, and why the automotive ad market is the road ahead

iCar Asia CIO Pedro Sttau talks to John Bensalhia about his background, the concept of organic adaptability, and why the automotive ad market is the road ahead…

What is Organic Adaptability?

This is the planned subject for iCar Asia CIO Pedro Sttau’s talk at October’s Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore. Pedro plans to cover this topic, which he regards as “an essential trait for growth and innovation.”

Organic adaptability runs on the principle that adaptable, thriving organisms require an ecosystem that promotes change in order to succeed – the same goes for CIOs who also need to create an ecosystem that both embraces and promotes change, while also producing results that have a positive effect on the organisation.

An organic framework is the way to go for this accomplishment. This framework should have the ability to both scale and to adapt to the various circumstances and contexts in business. These might include a change in the competitive landscape, a change in leadership, or resource constraints.

Now fully immersed in the world of technology, Pedro’s original course was somewhat different. “My background is actually in Arts and Literature,” he explains, and this is seen in his choice of studies – Modern Literature at the Lisbon University and Linguistics at the University of Madeira.

Today, however, Pedro has more than 14 years of experience leading engineering teams across multiple industries in Europe and Asia. “For most of my life I have dwelt in technology – I have been freelancing as a software engineer since my college years.”

In 2007, Pedro co-founded digital agency Easylogics Lda. He served as Head of Software Delivery upon its merger with Yunit Cumunicacao, one of Portugal’s leading digital agencies. He later joined as Global Brands Programme Manager, the role which brought him to the UK and Singapore.

“Easylogics was a Digital Agency that developed custom solutions for companies that heavily relied in e-commerce to trade. My partner and I started the company with 500 euros in our pocket and within two to three years, the company grew to become one of the main references in the industry. The company and its IP was acquired by a large agency that operated in the same industry – both of us ended up working for the company for two years.”

As iCar Asia’s Chief Information Officer, Pedro oversees the company’s technical strategic direction and creates the ecosystem for technical people to thrive inside the organisation. “iCar Asia operates ASEAN’s number one network of automotive portals. We exist to help people through the experience of buying, owing and selling vehicles.”

Pedro explains that today, classifieds and technology are now indistinguishable. “When was the last time that you bought a newspaper or magazine intentionally to look at car ads?” And with that in mind, Pedro says that the future looks very positive for the automotive ad market.

“There will be a great opportunity for companies that understand more about the needs of their consumers and provide adaptable personalised experiences across all devices in ways that have not been done before.”

“I think that the era of big data is coming to an end, a new generation of software that actually does something with the data that benefits the end user is arriving. At iCar, revenue is not the reason why we exist, its a consequence of providing a great experience to our users.”

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iCar Asia Ltd
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