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Lets face it. We all know it’s not easy to find that dream career that you have always wanted – rewarding, challenging, exciting, learning curve and teamwork. Most of the jobs don’t even come close or fall short in at least one aspect.

At iCar Asia, we think ourselves as a fast moving ambitious individual that work together as a team to get extraordinary things done. If you see yourself as a passionate, hardworking and driven individual, we’d love to have you join us and ride the journey together.

We have a well defined set of VALUES & CULTURE

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 We have in place a set of values which defines our company culture and what iCar Asia are all about. It shows our commitment to high performance results that are fuelled by the passion for the purpose of our business. We reinforce these values throughout our team meetings and communications and use them as a component of our performance evaluation process. 



iCar Asia recognizes that people are its most important asset and is committed to the maintenance and promotion of workplace diversity. Diversity drives iCar Asia’s ability to attract, retain and develop the best talent, create an engaged workforce, deliver the highest quality services to its customers and continue to grow the business. The Management of iCar Asia actively works to build a diverse and representative organization starting from the Management Team and down through the organization.


Our Perks: Rewards & Flexibility

At iCar Asia we have created a working environment where our employees’ effort and hard work are rewarded. We have a number of elements in place to recognise employees including:

  • A structured Overdrive awards for staff recognition
  • Attractive remuneration structure
  • Work flexibility program

Awarded monthly, quarterly and annually, our Overdrive awards are based on nominations made not only by superiors but peers as well. These nominations are based on employees that have demonstrated one of our cultural values throughout the month.

On the remuneration track, iCar Asia implemented high performance bonuses and an employee share purchase plan as a reward for high performers.


Career Growth


The core to our success lies in our people who are our biggest assets. With that in mind we’ve put in place a series of programmes for staff development and succession. Performance reviews are conducted bi-annually where performance managers discuss in depth on developments plans and career progression within the company. A focus of our career progression program is on Mobility, where we open to our staff opportunities for inter-department and regional transfer across 3 countries where we have our presence.

Quote from Hamish Stone, CEO of iCar Asia:

“iCar Asia is committed to ensuring that its employees are supported in their personal development and career goals, and are rewarded for their impact on the business. Through our programs and policies we build a world class team that is committed to the mission of our business and all our customers.”


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