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About Human Resources Team

The Human Resources team works with the business at both Country- and Group-level to build and sustain a cost-effective, high-performing and motivated workforce.  There are various angles to this task:

Recruitment: at Country-level we provide advice and support, handling job descriptions & advertising, interviewing & selection, offer letters and contracts, negotiating fair salaries, conducting inductions for new staff and taking them through their probationary period

Performance Management (conduct & performance): at Country-level this means supporting HoDs in ensuring that their team members are empowered to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and working together via the annual Appraisal process to identify and resolve areas of weakness, usually through Performance Improvement Plans.  It also means ensuring that everyone understands what we expect of our staff and making sure that high standards of conduct at work are maintained.

Learning & Development: at Group and Country-level, the HR team supports staff development across the business through the provision tailored training and development opportunities, coaching and welfare services.

Reward: at Group-level, we maintain a fair and attractive reward system across the business, including salary, cash benefits and non-cash benefits to ensure we offer a competitive and motivating package to all our employees.

Policies & Procedures: mostly at Group-level, this work involves the design and communication of clear and helpful Company policies and procedures so all team members know what benefits and support they will receive during the different stages of their employment with us (for example, maternity provision, annual leave, work-related travel, working from home etc).

Ultimately, our work is focused on creating a well-designed, cohesive and fair workplace (both culturally and practically) where our team members are rewarded for their effort and commitment, and can enjoy a creative, encouraging and happy culture.

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