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Strategic Focus

iCar Asia is focused on maintaining and growing its strong position as the largest and most trusted network of automotive portals in ASEAN. iCar Asia has adopted a “listings first” approach by providing the most accurate and comprehensive database of “for sale” car listings on its classified sites. This “listings first” approach to its classifieds businesses is being targeted to attract more potential car buyers to the Company’s websites and generate more leads for its advertisers, and thus drive advertising revenue growth. 

Frost & Sullivan, the Independent Market Expert, refers to this as the “virtuous circle”.

  • growth in listings, leads to;
  • growth in users, leads to;
  • growth in advertisers, which leads to more listings.

To support the strategy above, the Company intends to develop its automotive content businesses to attract advertising from automotive industry participants. This content is intended to be used in the Company’s classifieds businesses to drive leads to the Company’s advertisers, which is expected to enhance revenue growth. This is iCar Asia’s “integrated content and listings” business strategy. iCar Asia also intends to pursue future growth opportunities in the automotive media sector through strategic acquisitions in the South East Asian region.

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