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UI/UX Specialist

About the department

The Product and Technology Group is the idea and application development team that creates and maintains the large-scale digital publishing and classified listings systems that enable iCar Asia to distribute to and monetize buyers, private sellers, dealers and advertisers while always maintaining a significant innovative and market leading position.

About the job

Design and implementation of effective and intuitive interfaces for a variety of technology applications (mobile/desktop/web/thick-client/tablet) delivered across iCar Asia.

Who are we looking for?

  • Work with product managers, business analysts, consumers, customers, developers, designers, and web developers to ensure high quality user-centric design is consistently applied.  Take responsibility for all user interfaces adhering to iCar Asia’s usability, design, and accessibility guidelines.
  • Translating requirements and designs into prototypes or workable layouts, HTML coding, CSS coding, JS/Jquery coding, Twitter bootstrap customization and PHP/backend integration with font-end coding as required.
  • Create navigation, user journey, task flows, information, and interaction design elements for iCar Asia web products and communicate these to business stakeholders and development teams. This includes building storyboards, proof-of-concept mockups, demos and prototypes of proposed and planned applications and features.

Key Accountabilities:

User Experience Design and Development    

  • Act as the user-advocate during the development process, subjecting early-stage designs to usability testing or expert review, and offering implementation suggestions from a user-centered perspective.
  • Measure UX interactions to support designs, including: mental demand, physical effort, mental requirements, performance/speed, effort, and frustration.
  • Design elegant solutions to complex workflows. Keep the interface beautiful and easy to use.
  • Develop wireframes, behavioral specifications and personas
  • Work with the design team to direct the visual appearance of new features and enhancements
  • Initiate, suggest, and spearhead major UI re-factorings for a more intuitive user-experience
  • Act as “go to” with in-depth knowledge of user interface best practices and standards.
  • Use research-related services, theories and methods to support your recommendations
  • Take the initiative in providing input and feedback in both departmental discussions and on issues relating to other departments

Indicators (with each UX update the following will be evaluated)

  • Overwhelmingly positive consumer response to new products developed and launched
  • Workflows match mental models
  • Increase lead counts
  • Increase lead counts per user session
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Increase return visitors
  • Increased session duration
  • Increased SEO positioning/number of keywords in the Top 10/Top 100
  • Increase in top entry pages
  • Reduced SEM cost per keyword
  • Increased social media referrals
  • Increased social media signups/likes/shares
  • Increased number of newsletter signups
  • Reduced churn/unsubscribe rates
  • Reduced clicks to content
  • Reduced “back” button interactions unless warranted

Visual Design Development          

  • Deliver front-end UI/UX including: research, competitive audits, converting design from concepts/mocks to working HTML/CSS/Javascript layout, and helping developers in integrating the backend code with the HTML/CSS/Javascript layout.

Providing front-end layouts in xHTML or native application languages that meet or exceed

Adaptability and Flexibility        

  • Successfully adjusts to and works effectively with changing situations, and a variety of individuals or groups;
  • Understands and appreciates different and opposing perspectives on an issue;
  • Maintains effectiveness in uncertain or ambiguous situations.


  • Adjusts approach to suit team/functional priorities
  • Does not lose sight of intended team/functional outcomes when circumstances shift
  • Assists team members to understand and adapt to change
  • Manages a degree of ambiguity in the team/function

Detail and Quality Orientation         

  • Proactively checks work to ensure accuracy;
  • Adopts a thorough and methodical approach to work;
  • Consistently maintains high standards for self and others.


  • Keeps clear, detailed records of own activities
  • Adhere to quality/procedural standards
  • Role models behaviour desired in others
  • Communicates expected work standards to team members


  • Generates creative and original ideas and approaches
  • Seeks to improve performance by challenging conventional assumptions
  • Proactively identifies and creates new opportunities
  • Research the latest UX concepts, best practices, online trends, and provide recommendations to the team.
  • Research and learn new tools and components to evolve designs


  • Consistently generate new and original ideas
  • Suggests modifications to processes and procedures to improve current experience/performance
  • Offers original solutions that facilitate the achievement of team/functional goals
  • Considers new concepts as potential opportunities
  • Participates in ongoing activities/taskforces to develop creative initiatives

Results Orientation    

  • Strives to meet or exceed standards of excellence
  • Sets and reaches challenging personal and business goals
  • Achieves goals and meets deadlines despite obstacles
  • Perseveres with responsibilities despite the repetitive nature of work and without compromising quality or excellence

Desirable knowledge, skills & abilities:

  • Solid experience working for a multinational organisation where English is the primary business language
  • Previous experience in automotive and/or online media industry


  • Experience within the media and/or internet industry
  • Experience of delivering difficult design projects with a range of stakeholders and negotiated interests.
  • Demonstrated experience using web analytics data to inform design decisions.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Knowledge/experience in typography, website design, user interface and experience design.
  • In-depth understanding of online user behavior and SEO.
  • Expertise in current Internet standards, including web browsers and browser specifications.
  • Creativity and judgment to translate complex requirements into rough concepts and beautifully elegant, polished, professional user flows and designs.
  • Advanced proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, especially in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks.
  • Ensure that all websites are usable and accessible from a variety of different platforms, screen depths and other constraints.
  • Exceptional eye for details such as lighting, shadowing, and alignment.
  • Ability to offer and accept consistent critique of design work.
  • Ability to find simple solutions to complex design and workflow problems.
  • Ability to work well independently and have demonstrated motivation in a team environment.
  • Ability to work closely with a wide number of stakeholders both internally and externally in a cross functional role to conceive and present brilliant user interactions.

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